Leslie Keagy, Learning Disabilities Specialistabout pic

With 20 years of experience educating children, from toddlers to teenagers, abled and learning disabled, Leslie has seen the difference multi-sensory teaching makes in everyone.

After earning her degree in Special Education, she taught language-based, learning disabled students at the elementary and middle school levels in Boston, Massachusetts. She was fortunate to be immersed in groundbreaking methodologies and co-teaching environments, she created a classroom to meet the needs of a diverse population and received training in the Wilson program when it was in its beginning stages. As a high school teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, Leslie instituted a two-year, developmental reading elective to assist students reading across the curriculum. As an English and Basic Skills teacher, she saw first hand the importance of teaching strategies – not just content – to college bound teenagers. Upon moving to North Carolina, Leslie started her business and became a consultant for the Wake County school system. She served students in various schools by delivering the Wilson Reading System and working with their classroom teachers on accommodations, goals and objectives.

Through her many years of experience, Leslie continues to be motivated by that moment when it “clicks” for a student. She knows, that when an individual is given the right tools to fit their needs, they become empowered and successful. Her goal is to teach lifelong, compensatory strategies, which give students the independent skills they need to support their difficulties.

Leslie is married, has three children and lives in Apex, North Carolina.

“It’s not how smart you are, it’s HOW you are smart.”
~Howard Gardener, Interview, Common Miracles, ABC 1993